Entirely Simple. Deeply Unified.

Engage your customers and expose them to F&I add-ons when they might otherwise be sitting idle. Target aftermarket product presentations to your customers' interests and display them with real-time, accurate rates. Generate eContracts and electronically capture customer signatures to make the entire process quick, painless and profitable.

The connected, powerful, and personal approach to aftermarket sales.

In just a few steps you'll drive up efficiency and profitability. Get real-time, accurate rates on your aftermarket products. Generate contracts electronically which can be printed and mailed. Electronically capture customer signatures and remit aftermarket products.

The new eMenu for iPad®

Now featuring a new user interface that improves the shopping experience for your customers.


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The leading aftermarket selling solution designed to drive profit and help you close more deals.

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Maximize profitability with a simple and integrated menu selling experience. F&I product selling is now a part of the connected car-buying experience – not a disjointed, dreaded extra step. Menu Selling on the Dealertrack uniFI® platform appears inside each customer’s deal jacket, enhancing the process and enabling dealers to sell the way they want to from one simple, flexible screen.

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