Comprehensive title management solutions from the largest provider of services in the United States.

Dealertrack’s Collateral Management Services is the leader in the title administration industry, offering complete business process outsourcing solutions, whether the title is paper or electronic. With over 7400+ lenders partnering with us for titling solutions and over 64+ million paper and electronic titles under our management, we are the largest title management company in the United States.


Speed title processing with electronic titles on loans and leases. You'll fund faster and increase dealer satisfaction with the ability to quickly check availability and ensure title release in 6 days or less.


Our services cover receipt and management of paper and electronic titles, including follow-up for non-receipt of title, lien perfection, and full term title maintenance. We also provide title release processing and repossession services.


Streamline your processes and reduce the tasks required for all types of titling and registration with Dealertrack. You'll enjoy increased efficiency and lower costs, while improving your dealers experience.

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When lenders partner with Dealertrack, they get more than just a platform to connect with auto dealers for real-time credit and auto loan decisioning. They get a full suite of tools and technology.

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